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Success Story: Community School of Naples


As one of the foremost independent schools in Florida, the Community School of Naples' mission is to educate future leaders by leveraging technology in smart, strategic ways. They know, that using capital wisely is critical to their strategy, which is why they have partnered with First American for over 10 years. By utilizing leasing as a resource to help fund big and small projects, they have been able to finance critical projects for their school - from small technology upgrades to mobile bleachers to a large 400 ton chiller.

"Our relationship with First American goes back 10 years ... and assisting us whether it was on a small technology need, large technology needs, infrastructure needs - both big and small." - Paul Selvidio, CFO



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Community School of Naples

"I know that this school is always going to be on the forefront of technology, innovation and integration so it's important to make those decisions wisely and with a partner you can trust ... we found that partner to be First American."

Paul Selvido

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